Monday, September 25, 2023

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Employment Law Compliance in a Post-Covid Landscape: Evolving State Laws & the Impact on Geographically-Dispersed Workforces

September 21, 2023 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Crowell & Moring

Even as a return to in-person work has become more commonplace, remote work and geographically- dispersed teams scattered across multiple states continue to pose legal, HR, and administrative hurdles for many businesses. Among other requirements, businesses must ensure compliance with employment laws, which are often highly detailed, vary widely from state to state (including regarding what nexus gives rise to compliance requirements), and prone to frequent changes.

Join us for this presentation in which Sadina Montani and Rachel Lesser will examine the current employment law landscape, including recent state-specific changes to employment laws, and the legal implications of hiring workers who reside in various jurisdictions across the United States.

This presentation stems from recent updates to Crowell’s 50-State Workforce Compliance site, as part of our Crowell Compass offering. The site includes a series of interactive maps and full-length state-by-state reports answering more than 80 questions across all 50 states relating to hiring and managing employees, including Employment, Tax, and Corporate components. This self-service offering is updated every six months, with linked client alerts notifying clients of significant changes in the meantime.

The presentation will explore:

  • The evolution of remote and geographically-dispersed workforces
  • Specific areas of employment law that are implicated by the practice of retaining and hiring workers in various jurisdictions, including: personnel policies, benefits, financial, leave, and insurance
  • Best practices for risk mitigation vis-a-vis geographically mobile workers
  • Recently enacted statutes, court decisions, and legal trends on the horizon that may impact an employer’s decisions regarding hybrid work arrangements and onboarding out-of-state workers

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