Guideposts for Successful Internal Investigations: Part 2 – Commencing and Concluding the Investigation

David A. Nenni of Jackson Lewis continues writing about how to effectively conduct internal investigations, following up with what to do after beginning one. His next five steps focus on conducting and concluding the investigation, and will help guide a company during the actual investigation, after establishing its framework.

  • Gather Information. This includes assessing the complaint, gathering policies, and interviewing the complainant and witnesses.
  • Prepare findings and conclusions. An organization may choose an oral report, a written executive summary, or a detailed factual findings and analysis.
  • Take remedial measures (if necessary). This could include discipline of employees, policy changes, additional training, or a report to a government agency.
  • Follow-up with the complainant to close the investigation. This will build rapport and show the complainant that the company took her complaint seriously.
  • The investigator should prepare a file of conclusions, notes, and documents reviewed in reaching its conclusion.

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