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PubKCyber is the go-to source for the most critical regulatory, policy, and oversight developments related to federal cybersecurity. Our coverage includes federal cyber regulations and policy, local and state activity, international law and agreements, federal regulatory body activity, congressional and agency oversight, and industry standards, as well as legal actions and court decisions related to cybersecurity, privacy, and fallout from security breaches.

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Sample Articles

NIST Cyber Advisers Anxious Over Auditing Agencies

Members of NIST’s Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board are concerned about a House bill that would significantly expand NIST’s authority to require the agency to audit federal agency cyber programs. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework Assessment and Auditing Act would direct NIST

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Kaspersky Launches Industrial Control Systems CERT

Kaspersky Lab has launched a new global computer emergency response team focusing on industrial control systems, through which it will share its expertise securing industrial systems and coordinate the exchange of information about threats, vulnerabilities, security incidents and best practices. Kaspersky will offer information and services at no charge, and has invited ICS product vendors, government agencies, critical infrastructure operators, and other entities to join the initiative.


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Big Banks Form New Cyber Resilience Center

Eight large U.S. banks designated by the Department of Homeland Security as critical to the U.S. financial system have formed the Financial Systemic Analysis and Resilience Center to facilitate collaboration and information sharing on cyber threats. The center was stood up by the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center, which will provide initial infrastructure and distribute FSARC materials, but the new center will be self-funding and self-governing. The center’s goals are to enhance information sharing, improve the quality of risk analysis, and strengthen collaboration among the participants. The participating banks are Bank of America, BNY Mellon, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, State Street and Wells Fargo.

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Experts: Cyber Insurance Market Full of ‘Trap Doors’

Experts say the insurance industry lacks common standards for cybersecurity insurance, so buyers should take extra care to ensure they know what kind of policy they’re buying and what is covered. Cyber policies can be complex and carriers often apply different interpretations of the same terms, meaning it can be difficult for a policy holder to understand their coverage. Because cyber coverage is new and evolving, even many insurance brokers don’t understand the nuances of coverage requirements and policy provisions.

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