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Expertise and Resources for the Government Contracting Community


Expert Resources, Easy-To-Use

Due Diligence Reports

  • Simply identify the person, entity, or topic, and Pub K delivers deep diligence reports to your inbox.

  • Data sources include public sites, social media, deep web, and proprietary database of current and historic data.

  • Essential Diligence Reports include all available online data.

  • Enhanced Diligence Reports are analyst- verified, summarized, and visualized.

Compliance Toolkits

  • Describes the 18 mandatory requirements of FAR 52.203-13, Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct.

  • Explains the measures to satisfy the requirements.

  • Provides samples policies, procedures, and artifacts.

Enterprise Risk Management Toolkits

  • Describes the 5-step methodology that reflects best practices.

  • Provides templates and guidance for implementing each step.

  • Explains how to integrate the process into the company’s annual business cycle to maximize return on investment.

FOIA Requests

  • Pub K officially requests information from the Federal Government in its own name.

  • You receive the records within 24 hours of deliver to Pub K.

  • Convenient, cost-effective online ordering.