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Expertise and Resources for the Government Contracting Community

Due Diligence Reports

Pub K delivers due diligence reports that are among the most thorough available anywhere.

Data Sources

  • Proprietary databases with 150 trilobytes of current and historic internet data
  • Worldwide contractor eligibility databases
  • Criminal and sanctions records
  • Public records
  • Registry data
  • News sources
  • Social media
  • Deep web and cyber forums
  • Data leakage sites

Ai-Based Searches

  • Multi-criteria searches
  • “Fuzzy” name and word matching
  • Facial recognition
  • Relationship mapping
  • Deep neural networks to find and learn about your subject
  • Artificial intelligence to organize and correlate information

Available Reports

Essential Diligence Reports

Includes all available online data


Enhanced Diligence Reports

Analyst verified, summarized, and visualized


How it works

  1. You fill in the form below

  2. Pub K sends you initial information/questions to verify the person

  3. You verify the identity of the person and pay the fee (no charge if Pub K cannot identify the correct person)

  4. Pub K delivers the report to you via email

Is your search for an individual or entity?

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are part of the sales contract between PubKGroup LLC and the Purchaser.
Satisfaction guaranteed.  The Purchaser may request a refund if it is unsatisfied with the Report.
The information provided in the Report will be collected from variety of open intent sources and other data sources.  PubKGroup LLC does not guarantee or warrant the correctness, accuracy, quality, update or completeness of data in the Reports. 
The Purchaser may not use any content from the Report with defining a prospective candidate’s suitability for:
  • Health insurance or any other insurance
  • Credit / Loans
  • Occupation
  • Education, allowances or partnerships
  • Housing or other accommodations
  • Benefits, privileges or services provided by any professional establishment
The purchased Report is for use by the Purchaser only.  The Purchaser is not entitled to share the Report with third party.
PubKGroup LLC is not responsible or accountable, directly or indirectly, for any claims or damages based on the Purchase or content of the Report.
Any dispute arising from or relating to the purchase of the Report or the Report’s contents shall be resolved exclusively through arbitration before the American Arbitration Association in Washington D.C. and subject to the laws of Washington D.C. for all purposes.