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Expertise and Resources for the Government Contracting Community


(Launching Q2 2024)

The Largest GovCon Library, at Your Fingertips


  • Our digital library contains 50,000+ GovCon materials.

  • Case from key Courts, Boards, and GAO.

  • Agency regulations, directives, policies, and reports.

  • Blog posts, monographs, webinars, and podcasts from leading law, accounting, and consulting firms.

Ask Pub K

  • Our proprietary chatbot uses generative AI to answer questions and compose text based on our library content, with links to source material.

  • Search using key words, exact phrases, Boolean operators, date ranges, forum/author, and multimedia formats.

  • Display results based on relevancy, date, and format – with abstracts for quick review.

My Collection

  • My Reading List allows you to set aside items for later review.

  • My Archive is your permanent collection of reference materials.