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You’ve invested hours of valuable time doing the research, analysis, and writing.  Now let Pub K help get your name and expertise in front of your targeted audience:  the government contracts community.

Every day, thousands of government contracts professionals – contractors large and small, over 50 Federal agencies, and every Chambers-ranked law practice – read our members-only Newsletters PubKLaw, PubKCyber, and PubKCompliance.  Our website and social media presence reach many thousands more.

Now your firm, government agency, or company can directly upload new and existing content for publication in our Newsletters and Library, which are available to all Pub K Members and free trials members.  What are the benefits of publishing with Pub K?

  • Trust – Pub K is known for publishing the most relevant, timely and accurate legal analyses and news articles to educate government contracts professionals.
  • Visibility– Pub K’s newsletters are perhaps the most widely read legal publications in the government contracts community.  Our goal is for your content to be found quickly by legal consumers looking for your expertise.
  • Control – You can summarize and tag the content, link it to your website, and retain your copyright.
  • Convenience – You can upload your content at any time. Once our editors approve your content, it is automatically posted into our system.
  • It’s free – Your contributions will help make Pub K an even-more valuable resource for the government contracting community.

Start contributing content using the form below. We can also arrange to have our IT provider perform a bulk upload upon request.  And you can always email us at [email protected] with any questions.

  • Accepted file types: docx, doc, pdf, Max. file size: 50 MB.

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