SCOTUS to Stake Out Statute of Limitations for Relators—Six and Out or More?

Craig D. Margolis of Arnold & Porter writes about the Supreme Court’s decision to grant a petition for certiorari in Cochise Consultancy, Inc. and the Parsons Corporation v. U.S. ex rel. Billy Joe Hunt.

This case addresses the statute of limitations for the False Claims Act, which defaults to six years, but can be extended up to ten years under certain circumstances. At question – due to differing opinions by the Circuit Courts – is whether the government alone can take advantage of this additional time, or also relators?

“We at Qui Notes are of course thrilled that SCOTUS will decide the issue, marking the fourth FCA case since 2015 to reach the high Court (after Carter in 2015 and Rigsby and Escobar in 2016).”

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