Biden $2T Infrastructure Spending Plan Includes Numerous Cybersecurity Provisions


The $2 trillion infrastructure spending proposal unveiled by the Biden administration includes several projects with potential cybersecurity components, such as upgrading the electrical grid, addressing supply chain vulnerabilities, and supporting research on artificial intelligence and quantum computing. If enacted, the proposal would:

  • Appropriate $50 billion on “infrastructure resilience,” which includes projects to enhance the electrical grid, food systems, urban infrastructure, and community health and hospitals.
  • Allocate $50 billion for a new office at the Commerce Department to monitor domestic industrial capacity and support the production of critical goods. The proposal also recommends a $50 billion investment in domestic semiconductor manufacturing and research.
  • Provide $50 billion to the National Science Foundation for issues ranging from artificial intelligence to biotechnology, and appropriate another $15 billion for a host of other R&D projects, including quantum computing research.