Build Back Better Act Includes $500M for CISA


The latest, slimmed-down $1.75 trillion version of President Biden’s Build Back Better Act – which primarily focuses on economic security and the climate crisis – would give CISA $500 million to support ongoing cross-government cyber initiatives. These include $100 million for improving the cybersecurity of federal systems, more than $100 million for training and workforce development, and $50 million for improving cloud security. However, the bill no longer includes another $400 million for CISA to help implement the president’s May cybersecurity executive order.

Technology also appears in the bill in the form of $4 billion for “the purchase of goods, services, and systems to improve energy efficiency, promote the purchase of lower-carbon materials, and reduce the carbon footprint,” and $4.75 billion for the IRS to spend over the next decade on modernization of its technology.