COVID-19, Remote Work and Cybersecurity Threats: 7 Pointers for In-House Counsel


With more and more organizations responding to growing COVID-19 disruptions by allowing employees to work from home via the internet, the surge in inexperienced remote workers is creating a host of potential cybersecurity threats that in-house counsel need to quickly address. Here are some pointers about how general counsel and their staff can get ahead of the problems:

  • Make sure your organization’s IT department has support.
  • Help employers make sure there is enough properly configured equipment for remote workers.
  • Establish or reinforce policies around the use of company equipment and network access.
  • Consider that it may be better to have some nonessential personnel take leave rather than work remotely.
  • Warn all employees about the heightened risk of cyber threats connected to the outbreak.
  • Review contracts with vendors, clients and customers with respect to cybersecurity.
  • Print out a list of emergency contacts and have them ready in case of an emergency.

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