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Hit the Ground Running: Contract Law Essentials For New Attorneys And Contract Administrators

August 19, 2024 @ 12:00 pm – August 22, 2024 @ 3:00 pm
Public Contracting Institute

Hit the Ground Running: Contract Law Essentials For New Attorneys And Contract Administrators
August 19-22; 12:00-3:30pm ET
Virtual Instructor-Led Training

You want your contracting professionals to “hit the ground running” and be as productive as possible. They probably didn’t learn enough in this area in school, and some government contract law matters–like litigation–simply do not lend themselves to a prolonged learning curve. Thankfully your “First Years” actually want the same thing—to be positive members of your team as quickly as possible. Start them out right by having them attend the Public Contracting Institute’s Hit the Ground Running Course!

This course will provide your contract professionals with the principal procedural and research skills they need to support the company in the major government contracts areas, and at the very beginning of their careers! In addition to covering the basic “life cycle” of government contracts, other topics will include: contract formation controversies (agency-level protests, GAO protests, COFC protests, and SBA challenges); contract administration controversies (CDA claims, ASBCA and CBCA appeals, COFC appeals); and contract law legal research. The presentation will also be enhanced by “real-life” problems and practical exercises. So make that commitment to your entry professionals that will pay off in all that they do.

Instructor: Lou Chiarella, Senior Government Contracts Attorney

Instructor: Lou Chiarella, Crowell

Session Fee: $995

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