Compliance Successes Using Data-Driven Compliance

Jirapong Manustrong | Shutterstock

Compliance Podcast Network – By integrating multiple data sources, implementing risk scoring frameworks, and continuously improving compliance models, companies can achieve transparency, identify risks, and make informed decisions.

Tom Fox continues a series based on conversations with Vince Walden of KonaAI, about data-driven compliance. “By making use of the vast amounts of data your organization collects, you can uncover potential compliance risks before they turn into actual problems,” Fox explains. “No longer will you be caught off guard. Instead, you’ll be leading the charge, armed with real-time insights and actionable data.” He notes that in many cases it isn’t a single risk trigger that tells you about a problem, but a convergence of multiple triggers that alerts you to it. For this reason it is crucial to integrate multiple data sources into compliance monitoring programs.