Saturday, December 4, 2021

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The Future of Cybersecurity: Is the US Government Finally Getting Serious About Protecting Supply Chains?

November 9, 2021 @ 2:00 pm
Secure Code Warrior

2021 saw some devastating cyberattacks that left us all wondering not if another attack will happen, but when. This led to some unprecedented changes in our Federal Government, where plans were put in place to beef up our nation’s cybersecurity standards. An Executive Order was issued that stated new requirements are being rolled out to both government agencies and suppliers. This new order touches on many aspects of functional cybersecurity, but for the first time, specifically outlines the impact of developers.

It seems like our nation is finally getting serious about protecting our digital existence and our supply chains. However, will it be enough?

Join this panel discussion with an Enterprise Strategist from AWS and the CEO of Secure Code Warrior as they discuss:

  • Why the EO is just scratching the surface to achieve a new, higher standard of cyber defense
  • Their thoughts on why the cybersecurity EO will influence software security cultural shifts beyond just the federal government and into the private sector
  • Predictions on why there will still be more supply chain attacks and what still needs to be done to prevent them
  • Why the private sector will need to work more closely with the federal government and why incremental changes won’t be enough to protect our crtical infrastructure
  • Insights into how developers can be empowered and stay engaged on security best practices through a holistic approach that addresses vulnerabilities that can leave the entire organization at risk of exposure

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