DOJ’s National Security Division Places Corporate Crime in the Crosshairs

Pamela Au | Shutterstock

Volkov Law – Two new appointments to the National Security Division’s corporate enforcement program suggest that DOJ will continue to aggressively pursue corporate crime as a national security issue, which carries major implications for global companies.

  • Ian C. Richardson was named as the Chief Counsel for Corporate Enforcement. Richardson previously served as a prosecutor in U.S. v. Lafarge SA—DOJ’s first ever corporate conviction for providing material support to foreign terrorist organizations—resulting in a $778 million fine against the defendant.
  • Christian J. Nauvel was appointed as Deputy Chief Counsel for Corporate Enforcement. Nauvel notably served as lead prosecutor in U.S. v. Huawei Techs. Co., which targeted a conspiracy by the Chinese telecom manufacturer to steal trade secrets from its U.S. competitors using fraud and deception.